Outdoor Recreation slows the passage of time

The perception of time is subjective, and you can slow it down-

Today I read this article, “Where Did the Time Go? Do Not Ask the Brain.” New York Times. It is about the sensation of passing time. Sometimes days, months, decades seem to whiz by. People commonly say that time passes more rapidly as you age, but I know the passage of time for me at least, slows when I am outdoors.

Late yesterday afternoon I drove out to American Falls Reservoir, which is currently frozen and windswept. I can barely remember the details of what I did when I came home or before I left.  On the trip to the reservoir I can remember almost everything — the number of geese flocks that flew overhead, the nondescript agricultural roads I drove, how far I walked in the freezing wind, every photograph (including those I deleted), my side trip to Bannock Creek (and the lone duck on its half frozen waters). You get the idea.

Just after sunset on Jan. 8, 2010. American Falls Reservoir. Copyright Ralph Maughan

I can remember the details of hundreds of outdoor trips, including not so eventful ones like yesterday.

My conclusion is spend part of each day outdoors, you will live longer.

Now what did I do this morning? It’s already after 2 PM.