Photo while Snowshoeing Today

Taken from Walker Creek toward the Portneuf Mountains, SE of Pocatello-

Toward the Portneuf Mountains from Walker Creek, SE of Pocatello, ID. Jan. 3, 2010. Copyright Ralph Maughan

Retired Forest Service NEPA legal compliance reviewer on landing in the Frank Church Wilderness

Well reasoned argument against approval of Idaho Fish and Game’s plans to chase wolves, dart them, land and collar them in Idaho’s sacred central Idaho Wilderness-

Wow, this fellow knows what he is talking about. Ralph Maughan
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January 2, 2010

Dear Mr. Tidwell Chief, U. S. Forest Service

I am a retired USFS forest planner from the Nez Perce National Forest in Idaho.  I have a masters degree in forestry from Oregon State University.  While still employed by the USFS I knew that in order to do my job effectively and efficiently, I must learn to quote several of the environmental laws of the United States from memory.  This included the Wilderness Act of 1964.

I’ll try to make this comment letter short.  I could write pages on this illegal action.

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Fur flies over first Swedish wolf hunt

Wolves fall quickly in first Swedish wolf hunt in a half century-

Hunters kill 20 wolves in first Swedish hunt in 45 years. AFP.

Twenty out of the 27 wolf quota were killed the first day. There were 182 – 217 wolves. The Swedish Parliament limited the population to 210.