Buffalo Battle Airs Again Tonight & Thursday, Jan. 7

In case you missed the original airing of the documentary about the buffalo and the Buffalo Field Campaign

Here is a little shameless promotion for the Buffalo Field Campaign

From the BFC Weekly Update:

Tune in because it’s on again! Late tonight and on Thursday, January 7th, Discovery’s Planet Green will once again air Buffalo Battle. This Planet Green program, produced by Matthew Testa, tells the continuing story about the plight of the Yellowstone bison population and work of Buffalo Field Campaign. Buffalo Battle has been getting tremendously positive feedback, so Planet Green is giving the public more viewing opportunities. The more viewers they get, the more likely it is they’ll want to make a series and this will certainly help tell the world about what is happening to the last wild buffalo. Please check your local listings for showtimes and invite your friends and colleagues to watch Buffalo Battle with you late tonight and again on Thursday, January 7th. For more information visit Planet Green.

Wyoming relocated 22 grizzlies in 2009

22 were moved, 4 killed, and three put in zoos-

State relocates 22 grizzlies. By Gib Mathers. Powell Tribune as reproduced in the Casper Star-Tribune

Salazar gets White House OK for run

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar may leave his post to run for Colorado Governor’s post

Salazar gets White House OK for run
By Michael Riley
The Denver Post

University of Idaho clears itself of pesky “scientific misconduct” charges

University of Idaho attempts to save face – instead, loses it further

Bighorn Sheep © Ken Cole

Bighorn Sheep © Ken Cole

UI professor cleared of “scientific misconduct”Idaho Statesman
Update 1-9-2010. U
of I ruling on sheep researcher’s ethics isn’t credible. Opinion of the Magic Valley Times News.

It’s probably safe to say Marie Bulgin didn’t kill Kennedy either … but that’s it isn’t it?  It’s an easy thing to secure an acquittal when you get to choose the charges …

Eric Barker of The Lewiston Tribune (subscription only) :

The university investigated Bulgin’s statements and compared them to the known scientific record. said Jack McIver, vice president of research. He said the scope of the investigation was narrow.

“It was pretty cut and dried,” he said. “It really boils down to was there fabrication of data, which there was not.”

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WWP & Wolf Recovery Foundation Litigates Big to Protect Wolves in Central Idaho

~ by Jon Marvel

Jon Marvel
On December 31, 2009 Western Watersheds Project and the Wolf Recovery Foundation welcomed the New Year by filing litigation in federal court challenging the federal government’s mismanagement of public lands and wolves in Central Idaho.

Read the Associated Press article :

Groups Sue to End Idaho wilderness copter landings – John Miller, AP 1/06/10

Sawtooth Mountains, photo: Lynne Stone

Sawtooth Mountains - Sawtooth National Recreation Area © Lynne Stone

This important litigation aims to protect Idaho wolves by asking a federal court to halt mismanagement in three key ways :

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Group launches initiative to ban trapping in Montana

Montana Trap-Free Public Lands gathers signatures for ballot initiative-

Group launches initiative to ban trapping in Montana. New West Unfiltered By Anja Heister and Connie Poten