Finding Stuff

Some folks say it was easier to find the stories they wanted on my old web page at If they wanted to read about grizzly bears, they didn’t have to wade through posts about oil and gas development’s effects on wildlife, off-road vehicles, or other non-relevant stuff.

Look in the left-hand column. Here you will find a topic cloud.” These words are links to that category of post

So, if you only want to read about Yellowstone wolves, click on the “wolves Yellowstone” subject. The rest of the posts will disappear. The Yellowstone wolf news will come up with the latest story first. That’s why I think it is easier.

You can also use the search bar at the very top right. Unfortunately, this is not highly effective. The best way to find material on this site, or any site, is to use Google’s site search. Let’s say you want to search for stories and comments on wolf 253. Enter the following into the Google search box 253

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