Wilderness. Wild and free, or to be a surveillance zone?

Idaho Fish and Game Proposal defeats the purpose of Wilderness-

What could more opposite, animals and people roaming freely in the great outdoors; or struggling through rough country under the never sleeping watch of souless technology, subject to summary execution from the air on the order of distant bureaucrats?

That’s what is a stake in the Forest Service approval of radio collaring wolves in the lower 48 states’ largest Wilderness area. Does anyone think this will stop with wolves and other animals, or with the Frank Church Wilderness?

The photo shows a small part of the 2.4 million acres of the Frank Church/River of No Return Wilderness. Is this to be a killing zone and a place of government watching?
Photo by Lee Mercer.

Your average winter day at Cooke City — dead snowmobiler

A lot of people snowmobile the high country near Cooke City, MT. This happens every winter, usually more than once-

There is no real reason for this story except to remind people of the obvious. Avalanches and dead snowmobilers near Cooke City are as predictable as Old Faithful. The only question is what will the final tally be?

Snowmobiler killed in avalanche near Cooke City. AP