Ravens ‘boom’ around county

Article shows typical livestock owners hatred of any non-commercial animal-

Crows, ravens and magpies (corvids) in large populations are often the result of a disturbed environment. They are the smartest of birds. Like humans, they learn fast and thrive in changed circumstances, pushing out species that need a more stable environment.

This article in the Sublette Examiner (Pinedale, Wyoming) shows a typical hostility to them. These livestock people should look at their own practices if they don’t like the large number of ravens.

As for myself, me and my buddies used to shoot magpies when we were teenagers. There was no reason.  A friend said “they’re bad for farmers, and there’s a bounty on them.” We cut off a bunch of their heads, but could never figure out how to collect our damn nickel for each.

Now, I feel stupid for shooting birds that were probably smarter than some people (sarcastic exaggeration). Fortunately, now you can’t legally just shoot them (as the article bemoans). Of course, our old friends at the agency for wildlife killing can poison them.

Ravens ‘boom’ around county. By Mari Muzzi. Sublette Examiner.

Southern Mountains Idaho wolf hunt zone closes

The quota of ten wolves has been met. Five hunting zones now closed-

Here is the Idaho wolf hunt map data. 139 wolves have been legally shot. 81 remain in the total state quota.

Yakima Bighorn Sheep are Experiencing an All Age Die-off

Source of disease is unclear.

Bighorn Sheep © Ken Cole

Bighorn Sheep © Ken Cole

The bighorn sheep in Central Washington’s Yakima River Canyon are dying of pneumonia. It appears likely that ODFW officials will try to stop the epidemic by killing the infected animals so that they won’t infect healthy bighorns.

Two Stories
Big decision on bighorns
Scientists may have to thin the herd in order to save it from disease

What’s the source of pneumonia in bighorns?