Megaloads video: Giant rig opponents say its your land, water and air versus Exxon

Exxon Mobil is the world’s most profitable corporation-
A new video about their megaloads through Idaho and Montana to their vast toxic pits in Alberta-

Oil companies have colluded with the Idaho’s and Montana’s governors so they can make even more profits than if they built the machinery for the toxic Alberta tar sands mining in Canada.

20 most profitable companies. CNN Money.

4 Responses to “Megaloads video: Giant rig opponents say its your land, water and air versus Exxon”

  1. Chris Harbin Says:

    Great video production. A lot of ugliness – but then the truth is often ugly. I had heard about the oil sand extraction site in Alberta and thought it was a terrible idea. Seeing it though, takes terrible to a new low.

  2. PointsWest Says:

    A person with the character traits of a corporation would be categorized as a psychopath, based on diagnostic criteria from the World Health Organization (WHO).

    • WM Says:

      Sadly, little has changed since the “corporation” film was produced in 2004. Corporations seem even more insidious when one considers the big ones – like Exxon – whose majority of stock is owned by yet other corporations, and they in turn are owned by other corporations, as well. Then all those corporations have first access and make huge campaign contributions to elected officials, and are able to on so many levels convince them what they do is in the best interests of their constituents (so far corporations cannot vote in elections but sure as hell have the ability to influence who runs, is elected and what legislation goes forward or does not.) So, it is inevitable that there is no social conscience in the corporation, even though it is recognized as “a person” for many legal purposes. The Founding Fathers of America are rolling over in their graves – gotta wonder what Jefferson, Franklin, Madison and Washington would say about all this.

      ExxonMobil with offices in Irving, TX also ought to tell you something.

  3. jdubya Says:

    Whoever wrote that gets it.

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