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If you haven’t commented before, read this.

This blog is moderated.You can contact webmaster Ralph Maughan at The other webmasters are Ken Cole and Brian Ertz.

Your first comments to this blog go directly into the moderation box and must be approved by the webmaster.  Every day new people are approved. About every two weeks someone is disapproved.

After your first comment is approved, your future comments might appear automatically. Permission to comment might be revoked for any reason.Due to the controversial nature of the issues discussed, hard experience tells that a completely open forum would be a string of insults. We don’t want this to be a forum for free floating emotion. There are quite a few strangers who show up and post a troll. They are usually removed unless posting them would seem to bring the embarrassment they deserve.

We can see your email address, the screen name you use, and your IP number. Readers can only see your screen name and any link to your web page you elect to provide. Although potentially libelous comments are removed, you are legally responsible for them should we fail to locate them.

Please use a valid email address. If we find it is a fake, you will not be able to post anymore. We sometimes try to email new commenter before their comment is allowed  through to see if it’s a valid address. Do not try to fool people by using different screen names and fake email addresses, your IP number doesn’t change. We can see what you are doing. The same is true should you issue a threat to someone.

We’ve found that people who think their comments won’t be let through are more likely to use a fake email address. So it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Ever since stronger moderation has been used to guide this blog, readership has gone up (doubled), so it appears to be effective.

Note too that spam, which you will rarely see, is an ever present problem with all blogs, especially those with more readers like this one. Hundreds of spam posts are often received here daily. WordPress (the host of this blog) uses a routine (Akismet) to automatically try to detect spam. Akismet yields more false positives than false negatives. In other words, your comments can unintentionally end up in the spam queue. The best way to avoid this is not to have more than one hyperlink in your comments. Multiple hyperlinks are a leading characteristic of spam sent to blogs.

We try to go through the spam and pull out valid comments, but when faced with reading through a couple hundred unpleasant attempts to take you to porn sites, lead you to web pages that try to download a Trojan horse, or sell you dubious products, this task is often beyond our patience.

While Ralph Maughan is the primary webmaster;  Ken Cole frequently moderates and posts. The Wildlife News is supported by the Western Watersheds Project by the provision of one of its employees as webmaster. The Wolf Recovery Foundation also participates.
Ralph Maughan

5 Responses to “Blog comment rules”

  1. Ralph Maughan Says:

    We moved the rules for commenting on the blog to this separate page so they would not be so intrusive.

    We hope to keep it here unless it looks like those who want to comment are not aware of them.

  2. Ralph Maughan Says:

    Note. If you comment on this page, please keep you comment on the rules of the blog rather than other matters.

  3. Doryfun Says:

    Ralph or Ken
    What happened to New Yellowstone Park Superintendent Now at Work topic for Feb 24th? I can’t seem to find it anywhere? what does it mean when comments are closed? Does the entire article get taken down, when no more comments are accepted? A little confused here. Thanks.

    • Phil Says:

      There may have been some hostility from members to one another, so the comment portion got closed. Just my guess as to what happened, but I am not 100% sure.

  4. sandcanyongal Says:

    I live in Sand Canyon near the mouth. Four investors want to put in 17 to 22 476 foot turbines within 500 feet of our properties, and into Cache Creek, a waterway watershed that flows into Mojave as their water source. We already hear hundreds of turbines that have gone in and continue to increase in size and numbers. The noise and light trespass and pollution has completely taken the night sky away. LADWP has either bought BLM land or is leasing it to put turbines into Pine Canyon, just above us. Helicopters are surveying the hills, from Proctor Lake through to Twin Oaks. We are seeing them daily to weekly now. We, the people, have not given Kern County, LADWP or investors the permission to wreck our lives and the ecosystems that support man’s survival. Kern County may be the place where this century’s American Revolution begins. I know all about Ivanpah from research a few years ago and fully support the lawsuit. Industrial wind and solar costs the taxpayers fully: 30% of the total cost of developing those company’s solar, wind and geothermal plant. They need to leave peacefully. 90% of fossil fuel emissions must be decreased today for man to survive. Those antiquated technologies do not contribute to meeting this vital goal. This is survival and it will NOT be tolerated for County greed to interfere with my survival. The lawsuits will continue and will begin being target directly and very personally at the members of the Board of Supervisors and members of Kern County planning. It is not their legal role to destroy habitat, endangered species, remove our ample fresh water supply or the water supply for those habitats that support man’s survival.

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