Bears by the Numbers, Keeping Tabs on Our Bruins

Recalling some famous Wyoming grizzly bears-

Bears by the Numbers. By Brodie Farquhar. Wyofile. com

Good news. Sonoran pronghorn numbers show sign of bouncing back

From the 20s to 124 animals of the endangered sub-species of pronghorn-

Pronghorn numbers show sign of bouncing back. By Arthur H. Rotstein. Associated Press.

The sonoran pronghorn became almost extinct due to recent drought. The article says possible new drought and border patrol activities are the primary threats.

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Grangeville man, Idaho loses hunting license for life

It looks like the poacher was also a teller of unlikely stories about the vicious “Canadian” wolves-

I got the latest news update from Idaho Fish and Game today. One new item told how a resident of Grangeville, Idaho, Scott Richards, had lost his hunting license for life because of chronic poaching.

That name certainly sounded familiar. I did a quick Google search brought up the following:

Here’s what I found “Close encounter raises concerns about wolves. ” By Scott Richards. For the Idaho Press-Tribune.” This story of Richard’s has been put up in many hunting blogs, and I had received email copies in the past complete with phony-looking photos of Richard’s dogs, allegedly showing how the wolves ate them.

I found one hunting blog that did at least do some investigating rather than swallow the tale whole. Verifying “One Heck Of A Wolf Story Black Bear Blog.