Teton County, Idaho “Old Guard” goes down in election

Old Guard refused to deal with sprawl in a beautiful place-

A clear mandate. By Ben Cannon. Planet Jackson Hole.

Don’t confuse Teton County, Idaho with Teton County, WY (opposite sides of the Tetons)

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Exotic cat killed in Pennsylvania

A serval was shot killing chickens-

Notebook: Exotic cat killed in Pennsylvania. By John Hayes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Sighting of cougars and black panthers in the East may often be real cats, but not of North American origin.

One the posts on this blog that has had the most comments over time is the one about a cougar sighting in Virginia. People find it and have been posting comments for well over a year now.

Next on Obama’s Dance Card, Mother Nature

Next on Obama’s Dance Card, Mother Nature

Here is the latest speculation on USFA, DOE, DOI, and EPA. By Al Kamen. Washington Post.

Thompson does have a 92% rating by the League of Conservation Voters.

I found this on Thompson. It is from his campaign, so what he thinks would help him get reelected. Mike Thompson on Environment.