[Montana] Legislator wants state to fight feds over wolves

Some pretty reactive folk in Montana are looking to take on the feds with state legislation to “manage” wolves.

Legislator wants state to fight feds over wolvesDaily Inter Lake

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These are the usual suspects: “Friends of the Northern Range Yellowstone Elk,” an anti-wolf state senator (Joe Balyeat) who poached an elk on private property in 2006, and the Montana Shooting Sports Association that wanted to secede from the United States back in the 1990s. They are probably on a fundraising/membership drive.

I found this on Balyeat and the people he associates. They’re Back: The Montana Legislature’s Right-Wing Presence. Dec. 2000. Montana Human Rights Network News.

The wolf is an organizational tool for their extremist political and right wing religious views. Ralph Maughan

Obama cabinet is middle-of-the-roaders dream

Change is relative only in comparison to Bush — RM-

Obama’s cabinet is complete. There are few real reformers. The cabinet will be different than Bush’s because the occupants are pragmatists rather than right-wing ideologues. There will not be a philosophical dislike of science. On the other hand, no guiding principles are apparent other than faith in Obama’s leadership.

The lower level nominations still offer some hope to those who want more than minor reform and an end to the outright criminality. Middle-of the-roaders dream cabinet. By Carrie B. Brown and Nia-Malika Henderson. Politico