Wyoming wolf-management window dressing

Scurrying to make the deadline of the hasty second delisting of wolves,  Wyoming changes the window dressings on its state wolf management plan:

Wyoming wrapping up work on new wolf planBillings Gazette

Changes include shortening some reporting requirements for those who kill wolves and further defining “damage to private property” and “chronic wolf depredation.”

The plan also clarifies Wyoming’s goal of maintaining at least 15 breeding pairs of wolves and 150 individual wolves in the northwest corner of the state, including in Yellowstone National Park.

Changes also restrict the state’s ability to alter the boundaries defining where wolves may be shot as predators and where they are protected as trophy game.

Utah downgrades its oil-shale estimates

There’s less oil-shale in Utah than they thought – still a lot, but that doesn’t mean much, it’s not a viable energy option taking more energy to bring to market than it contributes to the market.

Utah downgrades its oil-shale estimatesSalt Lake Tribute

Black-tailed Prairie Dog