Wolves in Paradise on Idaho PBS. Anybody see this?

I found this today on the blog 43rd State Blues.

Apparently the documentary soon turned to the “experts” — whining ranchers — our Idaho feudal landlords.

There was a link to PBS. At the link it read:

“WOLVES IN PARADISE is a tale of survival in the soaring mountains and majestic valleys of southwest Montana, as ranchers face the challenge of living with Yellowstone’s roaming wolf packs while encroaching development threatens their way of life. The film contrasts the experience of two ranchers with completely different backgrounds and resources, while it documents the growth of a surprising alliance between traditional enemies – livestock growers and conservationists – who find common ground in the need to protect open space from developers. [boldface mine]

I take this back. I’ve seen the documentary. It’s OK. I thought it must be about Idaho wolves, but it is about the Paradise and Madison Valleys. I dislike the cows versus condos argument. It’s more likely to be cows and condos. Anyway, right now the prospect of condos is fading due to the bad economy. RM

The big lie, told once again, by the fawning media.

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Kitzhaber likely off list for Interior secretary

Grijalva on the inside track-

Rocky Barker: Kitzhaber likely off list for Interior secretary. Idaho Statesman

Most bears around Jackson Hole have denned

Two faces on the bear situation in NW Wyoming for 2008-

2008 was good for Jackson Hole bears, and there were few conflicts; but grizzlies took a big mortality hit in NW Wyoming overall. Nevertheless, the total grizzly population grew slightly . . . kind of complicated.