Montana hunters say they had a close encounter with wolves

What really happened was probably a matter of interpretation. The hunters were not injured or even touched-

Story on the close encounter. Helena Independent Record. By Eve Byron.

“The idea of them charging people — I’ve never heard of that,” Bangs said on Tuesday. “But that doesn’t mean this guy doesn’t think he was charged. The whole threat may not be real, but I’m sure his fear was real.”

I suspect what happened was similar to this story with photos reported to me (with photos) several years ago. It’s amazing how your preconceptions can complete the story in your head to explain an ambiguous situation.

Yellowstone wolf pack encircles two photographers . . . . .”wild and beautiful.” Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News.  Nov. 28, 2006

WWP End of Year fundraising request

End of year donations will keep Western Watersheds Project going strong !

WWP is funded by the financial contributions of our members, and without your help we could not carry out our critically important and successful work to protect and restore western watersheds and wildlife.

Nothing speaks more clearly than a good photograph about why WWP works so hard to change the management of western public lands. Please take a look at this photo taken in October 2008 of a riparian landscape degraded by cattle on Forest Service administered lands in the Little Lost River watershed of central Idaho.

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Bald Eagle count is up at Lake Coeur d’Alene

Good news on North Idaho bald eagles-

Bald eagle count rises sharply in northern Idaho. AP

For those not familiar with North Idaho, Lake Coeur d’Alene is a large and deep lake in Idaho’s Panhandle area.

Don Young steps down from key post on House Natural Resources Committee

Vicious anti-conservation Alaskan removes himself from key public lands committee post to avoid his Party booting him

Young had been chair of the committee when the Republicans controlled the House. Since 2007 he has been the ranking minority member. Stories about his hatred of conservationists, including fellow members of the committee like George Miller (D-CA,  are legendary.

Story in Politico. Young Steps down from committee post . By John Breshnahan.

Obama’s choices for EPA and Energy Secretary

Steven Chu, a physicist, will be energy secretary. Lisa P. Jackson, from New Jersey environmental protection will head the E.P.A.-

Story from the New York Times. Obama Team Set on Environment. By John M. Broder.

Carol Browner, head of the EPA under Clinton may get the new climate post.

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Nancy Sutley will head the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) inside the Executive Office of the President. Story on Sutley. “Mind your CEQ.” Posted by Janet Wilson to Gristmill. The CEQ is a position that does not need congressional approval.

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My stray comment . . . could you imagine a real scientist, in fact a n0bel prize winner, heading up a cabinet department in the Bush Administration? RM