Redford, Conservationists Seek Injunction to Stop Utah Lease Sales

A lot of the Bush administrations last ditch efforts are going to have to be stopped in court.

Redford, Conservationists Seek Injunction to Stop Utah Lease Sales – ENS

These are beautiful places and it is good to see big names galvanize to stop the leases – let’s hope there’s enough public sentiment to take similar action on some of the lesser known landscapes as well.


12-20-2008 Update: Imposter disrupts lease sale bids. By Patty Henetz. Salt Lake Tribune.

I don’t think anything like this has happened before. The enviro false bidder might have invalidated Kempthorne/Bush’s last minute fire sale of public land leases. This whole thing raises the question as to whether anything about this sale was legal or anyone really guilty given the political and probably illegal nature of the entire last minute process. Ralph Maughan

Post Interior Interview with Grijalva

Too much fight ~ not enough industry.  Three cheers for Grijalva.

Grijalva sizes up why he didn’t get Interior

Congressman, still upbeat, says, ‘I have a good job’