Western guvs create Western Wildlife Habitat Council

It certainly sounds good.

Especially noted was the lack of effort by the BLM to do anything to protect wildlife habitat. So the states will have to take the initiative.

Also attending the Western Governors Conference was Dirk Kempthorne who agreed with the creation of habitat council. Doesn’t Kempthorne have something to do with the BLM 😉

Brokaw backs wildlife

Brokaw backs wildlife. By Noah Brenner, Jackson Hole News and Guide.

Former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw urged the leaders of Western states and the Department of the Interior to protect wildlife corridors when considering energy and other development.

If you read the MSM, TIm Russert may have been a journalistic saint in his position as host of Meet the Press, but I am pleased that conservation conscious Tom Brokaw is the new host and is speaking truth to power at the Western Governors Conference.

Howl boxes: Scientists experiment with tracking wolves by recording howls

Scientists experiment with tracking wolves by recording howls. BY Joe Jaszewski. Idaho Statesman.

We, the Wolf Recovery Foundation, are one of the groups providing financial support to test this innovation. A lot of folks will be happy to see the gradual disappearance of the radio collars outside of Yellowstone National Park. However, it is important to get a pretty good wolf count, given that conservationists are not confident that states will do a good count. The suspicion is that they might overestimate their numbers.

Global warming prompts doubt about wildlife conservation in the West

Resistance to the scientific consensus of the existence of climate change is waning ~ politicized prescriptions for inaction and for the relaxation of public environmental laws takes its place.

Last week, federal and state wildlife and public land managers gathered to talk about global warming and the effects it will have on western land and wildlife management. The overwhelming theme, as conveyed to me by several in attendance and passed along by Rocky Barker in the Statesman was dismal. Federal and state managers are preparing to give up on many species in the west.

Warming world prompts change – Rocky Barker – Idaho Statesman

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