Christian Science Monitor looks at the awful winter for Yellowstone Bison

In Montana, bison plan paused. Ranchers and conservationists are increasingly at odds, as Yellowstone herd numbers plunge. By Todd Wilkinson. Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor.

Actually, I think the genetically pure bison is now in danger of extinction and should be added to the endangered species list.

State of Washington prepares to return of wolves

Washington prepares for wolves’ return. The state won’t introduce the animals, but wants to be ready when they arrive. By John Trumbo. Tri-City Herald.

One good thing about this plan is that as the wolf population builds up in NE Washington (where they are expected to enter the state), after 5 packs the wolves would be trapped to distribute them across the entire state.

Update. Here is an AP story on Washington state wolves that goes beyond ranchers as the source of information. Washington State Prepares for Return of Wolves. AP

In fact, Kim Holt, our Wolf Recovery Foundation secretary-treasurer, is one of the volunteers sitting on this state wolf committee.

Fields of Overkill. Conservation, farmers scorched by food safety concerns

In response to recent E. coli outbreaks, corporate buyers are pushing California farmers to rid their fields of all wildlife and wild vegetation – despite the fact that this could make the food supply even less safe.

Link to Fields of overkill.
WESTERN ROUNDUP. By Li Miao Lovett. High Country News. You may to subscribe to read the entire article.
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We know the likely real source of E. Coli outbreaks, and it isn’t wildlife. It’s nearby CAFOs.

Vegas seeks still more rural Nevada water

Now it’s Snake Valley, the next valley to east from Spring Valley, discussed in an earlier thread. This water sucking plan would actually take water from under Utah.

Story: Vegas seeks rural Nevada water. Associated Press

Great Basin National Park from Spring Valley
Great Basin National Park from the Snake Valley near Baker, Nevada. Photo Copyright © Ralph Maughan

Rural West going to the dogs.

Rural West going to the dogs. WESTERN ROUNDUP. High Country News. By Troy Anderson. Note that this is a partial article. You need a subscription to High Country News to read it all.

This article is a useful corrective for those who can only worry about wolves, cougars and bears, although I don’t particularly like the descriptions because only again a dead animal doesn’t look so good regardless how it died.