WildEarth Guardians files Emergency Petition to list 32 species

WildEarth Guardians continues its actions to protect species en masse in filing an Emergency Petition to list 32 of the most imperiled species among the nearly 700 for which the groups has filed suit to protect already.

Bid aims to protect 32 speciesChicago Tribune

“Bush prepares parting shots”

On the eave of Bill Clinton’s leave from office his administration, among other things, issued orders protecting 60 million acres of public lands from further road development as well as protections for lands by designating National Monuments.  Robust moves like these are made at the hind-end of an administration as there is little threat of political consequence to a departing president.

The same is so with the Bush Administration – though you can imagine who’s benefiting this time around.

Bush prepares parting shots – Mark Jaffe – The Denver Post