Tailpipes, cows expand Idaho’s carbon footprint

Tailpipes, cows expand Idaho’s carbon footprint. Greenhouse gas emissions grew 30% from 1990 to 2005, thanks mainly to dairy expansion. Idaho Statesman. By Rocky Barker.

Part of this “increase” is an accounting change — to include methane gas as well as carbon dioxide. Methane is a very potent greenhouse gas and cattle operations, especially CAFOs emit a lot of it.

California BLM pulls grazing plan after Western Watersheds Project appeal

Another WWP success in keeping the BLM and livestock industry in line.

California BLM pulls grazing plan after WWP appeal. WWP blog

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Livestock industry’s true colors: decimate Yellowstone Park bison and elk

“U.S. Cattlemen’s Association said Monday that the federal government should reduce Yellowstone’s elk and bison populations to keep the animals separated from domestic livestock.”

They aren’t satisfied with pushing bison toward extinction, and at the same time care little for elk in the Park or in the Greater Yellowstone.

It’s all about the cattle industry showing us who is boss and maintaining their power and privileges.

Story: Cattle group’s brucellosis proposal draws fire. By Matthew Brown. Associated Press.

Can we hear from the group Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife about this, or are the too tied to cattle to speak out?

Editorial: Offshore Oil Drilling Fixes Nothing

CBS News. Editorial: Offshore Oil Drilling Fixes Nothing.

CBS News goes through the economic and environmental arguments for drilling protected areas as any sort of a solution to energy woes.

In my view, this proposal which emerged suddenly (meaning it was politically carefully planned) shows that McCain and the Republicans have no idea how to deal with the energy problem, but are willing to appeal to peoples’ tendency for magical or wishful thinking that a problem years in the making has a simple, easy and quick solution.

During the 1970s energy crisis, President Ford announced “Project Independence” which would make the United States 100% free or foreign sources of energy in a decade using coal, drilling for oil and oil shale. Of course it was an utter failure. Now McCain and the Republicans reach back to the failed policy of 36 years ago.

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