Western govs to mull ways to cut pollution, slow warming, boost energy

More on the Western Governors Conference being held in Jackson, WY. . .

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Western govs to mull ways to cut pollution, slow warming, boost energy. By Robert Gehrke. The Salt Lake Tribune.

Govs hear water warning. By Chris Merrill. Casper Star Tribune.

As Brian Ertz and others have remarked, politicians dealing with resource issues seem to have stopped debated whether climate change is real, and they are planning for the future (for better or worse).

For example, if the Western governors are truly concerned about diminishing water supplies, they should try to stomp out oil shale development fast, because it will be like pouring huge amounts of water down a black hole in an arid region .

Brokaw backs wildlife

Brokaw backs wildlife. By Noah Brenner, Jackson Hole News and Guide.

Former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw urged the leaders of Western states and the Department of the Interior to protect wildlife corridors when considering energy and other development.

If you read the MSM, TIm Russert may have been a journalistic saint in his position as host of Meet the Press, but I am pleased that conservation conscious Tom Brokaw is the new host and is speaking truth to power at the Western Governors Conference.