California BLM pulls grazing plan after Western Watersheds Project appeal

Another WWP success in keeping the BLM and livestock industry in line.

California BLM pulls grazing plan after WWP appeal. WWP blog

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2 Responses to “California BLM pulls grazing plan after Western Watersheds Project appeal”

  1. Salle Says:

    Just goes to show you how blatantly the “friends of Dick and George” will go to destroy all natural beauty in order to make a buck.

  2. kt Says:

    What’s really crazy about this area, too, is that Yankee Jim was acquired by BLM after a drug bust. It had been private land but through forfeiture/confiscation – it came into public ownership.

    So even though it is a really unique spring-wetland complex – all BLM can think of is dumping cows on it from trashed lands nearby.

    Conditions are terrible in the long-BLM-managed lands neighboring Yankee Jim. Cheatgrass and medusahead just exploding in what should be sage grouse habitat. Pygmy rabbits have been wiped out of this entire region (Modoc-Alturas) of California. Looks to me like sage grouse are next.

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