Idaho Fish and Game Investigating the Death of Six Wolves

The Idaho Fish and Game has issued a press release asking for information regarding the death of six wolves.

Is poison involved? Anyone who plans on visiting the area should be cautious about taking along their dogs.

Here is the press release:

Contact: Jon Heggen 208-334-3738

For Immediate Release

Fish and Game Seeks Information on Dead Wolves

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is investigating the deaths of six juvenile wolves on national forest land north of Fairfield.

Fish and Game conservation officers found the partially decomposed wolves on Friday, August 21.

Preliminary necropsies have been performed. But the cause of death is still unknown. Additional test results are forthcoming.

Anyone with information is asked to the Citizens’ Against Poaching hotline at 1-800-632-5999, or Fish and Game’s Magic Valley regional office at 208-324-4359. Callers may remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward for information leading to a citation or conviction.



Darted grizzly cub died of ruptured jugular vein

Vein was not hit by the tranquilizer dart-

They have been unable to find out how the vein ruptured.

Story in the Daily InterLake. Darted grizzly cub died of internal bleeding

Alaska’s Rat Island apparently rid of its namesake pest

Unfortunate side effect to poisoning effort was the loss of 43 bald eagles and many other birds.

Alaska’s Rat Island apparently rid of its namesake pest
By Erika Bolstad | McClatchy Newspapers

Western Watersheds spreads bighorn campaign to Arizona

Rocky Barker notes this morning the Western Watersheds now is busy trying to prevent the transmission of disease from domestic to wild sheep in Arizona.

. . . some important additional information. WWP now has an office in Arizona. . . also an office in Montana (Missoula), and Wyoming, Utah and California. They have several offices in Idaho.

My view is if you want more wildlife of all kinds in your Western state, donate to the them. An office could come to your area too.

Jury finds agency, DuPont negligent in land case

BLM and DuPont held accountable for killing crops which neighbor public lands by applying Oust in southern Idaho after wildfires.

Jury finds agency, DuPont negligent in land case
Associated Press

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