All fish caught in test of U.S. waters had mercury contamination

It seems this toxic element is now pretty much in all fish in the inland waters-

An argument for catch and release? 😦  Not really appropriate for a quip. Really bad news!

All fish caught in U.S.-tested streams have mercury. By Elizabeth Weise. USA TODAY. Trout were among the least contaminated species!

Giant, 800 pound grizzly illegally killed on the Rocky Mountain Front

“Someone just indiscriminately shot the bear”

The bear was informally known as Maximus. His decaying carcass was found by a rancher off Fish Creek west of Dupuyer, Montana.

Officials probe killing of giant grizzly on Front. By Karl Puckett. Great Falls Tribune Staff Writer. The Tribune article says that was probably the 2 nd largest grizzly in Montana.

Wolf season rules for Idaho

PDF file on the rules for the upcoming wolf hunt-


Steelhead counts at Bonneville Dam on the Colombia River shatter one-day records !!

Of course, you can’t truly count them until they are in Idaho rivers, but so far a very strong run-

For those not familiar with the Columbia River and its tributaries, Bonneville Dam is first dam anadromous fish have to cross on the Columbia River on their journey home to spawn.

Steelie counts at Bonneville Dam on the Colombia River shatter record. By Roger Phillips. Idaho Statesman.

Killing Bears to Save Bears

Bill Schneider responds on the controversy over taking out “problem bears”-

Killing Bears to Save Bears. Let’s applaud Glacier Park bear managers for killing problem bears. It’s necessary to save the species. By Bill Schneider. New West.