Officers ‘massacre’ 12 bears at northern Alberta landfill

The garbage dump was a popular local bear watching place-

This is a major controversy now in Alberta.

Officers ‘massacre’ 12 bears at northern Alberta landfill. Official defends decision to shoot scavengers at landfill. By Karen Kleiss, Edmonton Journal

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Idaho residents announce public demonstration against proposed Idaho wolf hunt

Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance (NIWA) announces two demonstrations for northern Idaho-

What a surprise! Here is their news release.



August 12, 2009


For more information:

Stephen Augustine

Ken Fischman, Ph.D.

Wolf Advocates Announce Public Demonstration Against Idaho Wolf Hunt

The Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance (NIWA) confirmed today that they will hold public demonstrations against the upcoming Idaho wolf hunting season.  The public is invited to join these demonstrations on Friday, August 28th in Coeur d’Alene and on Monday, August 31st in Sandpoint.  The events are aimed to bring attention to the wolf hunting season which begins on September 1.

“Why are we hunting wolves when they just came off the Endangered Species list less than six months ago?”, NIWA spokesperson Stephen Augustine asked.  He added, “We fear that under the guise of wolf management, what’s about to happen is a wolf massacre.”

Some hunters claim that wolves are devastating elk in Idaho. Yet the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has shown that the Idaho elk population increased in each of the last three years to where there are now 115,000 elk.  There are only 846 wolves.

Idaho Fish & Game (IDF&G) has not yet revealed how many of Idaho’s 846 wolves they will allow hunters to kill. “This is ominous.” Dr. Ken Fischman of Ancient Pathways, stated. “We believe that they are trying to hide the true numbers until the last minute because the public will be shocked to know that over half the wolves could be killed.

This is the first time that an animal has ever been hunted immediately after being taken off the Endangered Species list. Minnesota and Michigan will not even consider allowing wolf hunts for at least five years after wolves have been delisted in their states.

Fischman addressed another common myth, “Idaho ranchers say that wolves are decimating livestock, yet they are responsible for less than 1% of livestock depredation. In 2008, feral dogs killed more than four times as many sheep in Idaho than wolves did.”

Augustine concluded, “Wolves are being demonized. Virtually overnight they are going from most protected to most persecuted. This hunt is a reflection of ignorance and animosity toward a predator whose presence has restored needed balance to our wild areas.”

The public demonstration in Coeur d’Alene will take place 11AM – 1 PM, on Friday, August 28th, at the IDF&G building, 2885 W. Kathleen Ave.

The Sandpoint public demonstration will take place from 11 AM – 1 PM, on Monday, August 31st at the County Courthouse on So. First Ave. & Lake St.  At the same time, Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance will also sponsor a wolf education program for families and children at the Sandpoint Community Hall across from the Courthouse.  It will feature informational material, videos and activities for children.


The Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance seeks to raise public awareness and encourages discussion about the essential ecological role of wolves in the balance of healthy forest ecosystems, to educate the public and government officials using fact-based information and current scientific knowledge, and to defend wolves against persecution and prejudice.

Latest government wolf news for Wyoming

Some good Wyoming wolf management news-

The 10j rules under which Wyoming wolves are still managed read that regarding wolf control,  “Artificial or intentional feeding of wolves must not have occurred. Livestock carcasses not properly disposed of in an area where depredations have occurred will be considered attractants. On Federal lands, removal or resolution of such attractants must accompany any control action. Livestock carrion or carcasses on Federal land, not being used as bait in an authorized control action, must be removed, buried, burned, or otherwise disposed of such that the carcasses will not attract wolves…..”

So a bunch of cow carcasses were left in the Upper Green River and USFWS refused to order wolf control when wolves showed up and attacked some living cattle.  It’s good to see livestock operators held to account.

Below are two Wyoming wolf reports. They both arrived today. There is no Yellowstone, Oregon or Washington news included this time. The oldest report is placed first. Ralph Maughan



To:                   Regional Director, Region 6, Denver, Colorado

From:               USFWS Wyoming Wolf Recovery Project Leader, Jackson, WY

Subject:           Status of Gray Wolf Management in Wyoming and the NRM

WYOMING WOLF WEEKLY- August 3 through August 7, 2009

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