Feds might start billing [Custer] county for wildfire structure protection

One way to get zoning, proactive property protection or something equivalent-

Custer County, Idaho and other rural counties are not of a mind to regulate housing development. It is a matter of philosophy or ideology.

This philosophy is not without public costs, however; and this might send them a message about letting people or developers build in the fire zone to do just what they want and then expect the U. S. government to protect them for free.

Story in the Challis Messinger. Feds might start billing county for wildfire structure protection. By Todd Adams.

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Congressman Grijalva Issues Report on Bush’s Assault on Public Lands

U.S. Congressman Raúl M. Grijalva has issued a report chronicling a partial list of the Bush Administration’s assault on protections of your public lands:

A Report on the Bush Administration Assaults on Our National Parks, Forests and Public Lands

A couple examples of interest to Yellowstone :

Greatest Slaughter of Bison in the United States Since the 19th Century
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Regarding Kempthorne’s last minute regs to weaken the ESA

Obama has already said he will void it (but that is not always easy to do)-

Feds Rush To Ease Endangered Species Rules. 15 reviewers, 200,000 comments, 32 hours to go through all of them. by Dina Cappiello. Common Dreams.