New website: Sarah Palin’s Predator Holocaust

New website: Sarah Palin’s Predator Holocaust. This was done by the Bear Viewing Association

McCain, Palin, Earmarks, and the DNA of Bears and Harbor Seals

One the controversial grizzly bear DNA earmark-

Bill Schneider writes about McCain’s persistent campaign story about the “horrible” congressional earmark to study DNA of grizzly bears.

McCain, Palin, Earmarks, and the DNA of Bears and Harbor Seals. New West. By Bill Schneider.

This whole thing has irritated me plenty. First there is McCain’s persistent lying or ignorance of substance of his favorite earmark story. It shows him to be stupid, cynical, careless, or all of these.

Second, I’m irritated at those conservationists who dismiss the study as just an attempt to open up grizzly country to development.

The actual number of grizzlies was an important fact to determine.

You can’t use use science only when it is in your interest. Otherwise, you are hardly different than the oil companies.

Yes, the fact that there are more grizzly bears in NW Montana than anticipated will be used as an argument to open the country up, but that needs to be fought in other ways, not by attacking the science.

I’m glad a good count was done, and it was worth $3-million. McCain can stuff it.

Study shows mimimal risk to common farm birds from wind turbines

Wind turbines and birds-

“A recent study has concluded that wind turbines pose less of a risk to farmland birds than previously thought.”

Birds Not At Risk From Wind Turbines [misleading headline]. Red Orbit.

While the study on European farmland birds shows small effect — good news — the headline above overgeneralizes.

Groups says YNP snowmobile use this winter is still possible

Fallout from the victory over snowmobiles-

Groups: Snowmobile use plan still possible. Yellowstone officials say they have no authority to allow machines this year. By Corey Hatch. Jackson Holes News and Guide.