A weird grizzly-hunter (shooting?) story

What really happened in this interaction and supposed shooting of grizzlies by a hunter?

Outcome of grizzly attack a mystery, hunters urged to carry pepper spray. By John McGill. Glacier Reporter.

Bush, Kempthorne up to last minute mischief

Beware, the long nightmare is not over yet-

The New York Times describes and warns of anti-public land and anti-conservation actions underway or contemplated by the worst Administration in American history (my view) in their last 2 1/2 months in office.

Last-Minute Mischief. Editorial by the New York Times.

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Examples of what is happening-

Oct. 13.  The great giveaway. Utah BLM swings the door wide for ATVs and energy development. High Country News.
Oct. 19. Federal Officials Seek to Relax Rules for Dumping Mine Waste. AP. New York Times.
Oct. 20. Las Vegas Sun editorial. Protect the Colorado River from Kempthorne. Uranium mining claims should be delayed pending regional environmental review.

Whitetailed deer spread southward into Utah

In Utah. Whitetail deer influx brings mixed reaction.

Officials worry about impact on mule deer; others excited to see new species. By Brett Prettyman. The Salt Lake Tribune.

Mule deer are more susceptible to land use changes than whitetails, putting muleys at a disadvantage.

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