Hebgen Dam finally secure-

The blowout has been stopped but more repairs are needed-

On Sept. 1 this blog was the first to report on the big blowout on August 31. It was finally stopped in September and a Bozeman Daily Chronicle article says the excess flow is stopped for now. However, the cause is still not known. Repairs of an unknown magnitude will be made next year, or possibly the year after that, according to the article.

Hebgen secure for now. Published on Friday, October 10, 2008. By Jessica Mayrer Chronicle Staff Writer

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Sarah Palin: The view from Alaska

Palin is not a typical Alaskan-

Salon Magazine has a report on Palin as one kind of Alaskan — the kind that came north during the oil boom and changed the state’s culture for the worse (in the opinion of the Alaskan author of the piece). She is far from being “Jane, six pack;” and even her accept in not really Alaskan.

Sarah Palin: The view from Alaska. By Nick Jans.

Amid “Troopergate” and other government scandals, including killing wolf pups, an Alaskan writer explains why the Palin phenomenon rings hollow in his home state.