A weird grizzly-hunter (shooting?) story

What really happened in this interaction and supposed shooting of grizzlies by a hunter?

Outcome of grizzly attack a mystery, hunters urged to carry pepper spray. By John McGill. Glacier Reporter.

Hunters, it’s time to think grizzly in those certain parts of Montana and Wyoming

Think Grizzly.

“Thousands of hunters are crawling around grizzly country in the predawn darkness, alone, quietly, into the wind, and smelling like stale elk pee. If they have a successful hunt, they’ll fill the wind with the smell of high-quality grizzly food. Is this a problem? By Bill Schneider.” By Bill Schneider. New West.

. . . and a related story about using electric fences to keep grizzlies from hunting camps.

Zap! Marauding grizzlies in for nasty shock. ↓

Electric fences are meant to keep bruins from following noses into outfitter camps. By Cory Hatch. Jackson Hole News and Guide.

Ah, Pilgrim Creek in the Teton Wilderness. I know it well — grizzly central! It was worrying to backpack there.

Two more hunters mauled by grizzlies, with one griz dead, north of Yellowstone Park

This makes the third and the fourth incident of the year between grizzlies and hunters just north of Yellowstone Park.

All four have been separate incidents. The toll is 4 mauled hunters and two dead female grizzlies with cubs.

One attack was west of Beattie Gulch, and was probably the same bear that mauled Dustin Flack of Belgrade near Beattie Gulch on Sept. 15. A hunter in the party fired on the bear, which had three cubs, but seem to have missed.

The second case was in Sunlight Creek. This is near Tom Miner Basin. Here the grizzly charged and was briefly repelled by a big blast of pepper spray, but she quickly returned and was shot twice with a .44 magnum pistol. She is probably dead.

All of the incidents have been grizzlies with cubs who were probably surprised.

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Bow hunters attacked by bears in separate incidents. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer

Update 10/8: Grizzly Bear in Tom Miner [Sunlight Creek] mauling found dead. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer.

The grizzly that got pepper sprayed and then shot was found dead. The female near Beattie Gulch was apparently not hit. She did inflict some puncture wounds on the one of the hunters. The Beattle Gulch area is now closed to all human entry.

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Update 10/10: Elk hunters warned: Beware of hungry bears. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette (link still active)