Unlikely aroma: Man’s business sells dried moose droppings as rustic-smelling incense

Montana Moose droppings for incense. Sales are smoking!

The man gathering and selling this unique product is not just anyone, but our own Jerry Black who regularly comments here.

I got some from him. It really does smell like willow (well sort of).

Unlikely aroma: Man’s business sells dried moose droppings as rustic-smelling incense. Missoula.com. This link also has a video of Black in the field

9 Responses to “Unlikely aroma: Man’s business sells dried moose droppings as rustic-smelling incense”

  1. Maska Says:

    What a concept! Just sent Jerry an e-mail asking to be put on the moose poop waiting list, so we can send some to an old pal who’s a moose fanatic. Thanks for the link, Ralph.

  2. vicki Says:

    I know this sounds dumb, but doesn’t mosse poo play a part in the ecosystem it is dropped in?

  3. Jeff Says:

    I usually gather the moose dropping in my yard and add them to my garden every spring, maybe I could turn a profit instead…Vicki-I’m not sure anyone could/would pick up enough to make a difference…at the level our own presence probably makes a more significant impact on the system.

  4. Maska Says:

    Good point, Jeff. Also, from the article, it sounds as if Jerry is pretty picky about exactly which “poops” he collects. I suspect there’s plenty left on the ground. 🙂

  5. jerry b Says:

    Thanks Maska and thankyou Ralph for the endorsement.
    I AM quite picky about which “poop” I harvest! The impact on the environment is minimal, I can assure you. My favorite area is also inhabited by a large herd of big horns which contribute more than enough fertilizer for the trees, plants, and grasses to prosper.
    And, my business doesn’t even compare in volume to the other uses of moose poop…….especially its use in jewelry which is popular here in Montana as well as Alaska.
    Moose-cense is sundried, organic, and inexpensive. Will make great Christmas presents!

  6. John Says:

    Smell a moose like you’ve never smelled him before!

    I know that dingo droppings keeps possums out of people’s roofs and foxes off of farmland. No-lethal method from Australia folks!
    Moose dropping jewellery? Must be pretty [insert rude pun here].

  7. Jeff Says:

    That cross continent dingo fence has more than its share of annual fatalities.

  8. John Says:

    1080 baits, snares and leg traps – yes I know its not as harmless as the government makes it sound.
    Country Australia is much like Wyoming – scary thought isn’t it?

    But back to the topic, its a great idea Mr. Black.

  9. jerry b Says:

    John….will be happy to mail a sample to Australia. Ralph has my permission to send you my email. Curious as to where you live down there. I spent 3 years flying around your country.

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