Wyoming Governor complains about ‘venue shopping’

Would rather have a distraction away from real issues affecting the landscape

The Wyoming Governor continues his complaining about wolves and the litigation surrounding them by claiming that the groups suing over delisting are “venue shopping”. He wants to be the one to decide where a case is heard because he likes the judges where he lives. Frankly, he probably would rather have the Feds managing wolves in Wyoming anyway so they have someone else to blame things on and have a distraction for the wholesale destruction of their landscape by energy developers. Wyoming simply doesn’t want the responsibility of wolf management.

As Ralph accurately states:

“Regarding WY Gov. Freudenthal’s bitching about favorable judicial forums, he seeks a favorable court when he sues. Everyone does.

Regardless, the wolf case should have been handled in Montana, not Wyoming. The federal headquarters of the wolf project is in Helena, MT.

He’s a hypocrite.

Jenny Harbine from EarthJustice puts it well too:

“To hear him tell it, you would think wolves only exist in Wyoming, and that Wyoming should have the first crack at deciding the fate of any resource in the entire region,” Jenny Harbine said. “But the truth of the matter is that wolves exist in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, and Wyoming hasn’t cornered the market on judicial resolution of the conservation issues.”

Gov raps ‘venue shopping’.
By CHAD BALDWIN – Casper Star Tribune

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Giant whitebark pine in south central Idaho get protection from beetles

Trees to receive ” ‘verbenone pouches’ that contain a synthetic pheromone to trick beetles into thinking the trees are already full of beetles”-

Fighting pine bark beetles is very expensive, but these giant, ancient trees have been determined to be worth it. Good news!

Whitebarks in Pioneers [Pioneer Mountains] get protection from beetles. Associated Press.