Giant whitebark pine in south central Idaho get protection from beetles

Trees to receive ” ‘verbenone pouches’ that contain a synthetic pheromone to trick beetles into thinking the trees are already full of beetles”-

Fighting pine bark beetles is very expensive, but these giant, ancient trees have been determined to be worth it. Good news!

Whitebarks in Pioneers [Pioneer Mountains] get protection from beetles. Associated Press.

3 Responses to “Giant whitebark pine in south central Idaho get protection from beetles”

  1. kt Says:

    These sound like truly magnificent trees!

  2. Scott MacButch Says:

    Looks like in the Ketchum area they are looking for volunteers and donations for a very worth while project to save these monarchs:

  3. MONTY Says:

    If this really works environmental groups should support this with $’s and volunteers. Federal forests & parks use many volunteers & this would be a great job for these folks to take on.

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