On Energy Development, Hunters and Anglers Push Back

On Energy Development, Hunters and Anglers Push Back. By Chris Hunt. New West.

Hunt also introduces us to a new group, Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development.

3 Responses to “On Energy Development, Hunters and Anglers Push Back”

  1. SmokyMtMan Says:

    The Republican Party seems suicidal. Just when they need them the most, the Republican base is being ran over by the Bush administration’s pro-energy development policies.

    Well, you can’t give the republicans too much intellectual credit considering their leader is Bush.

    I think the republican Party will be marginalized for a long time to come. And that is reason to celebrate.

  2. Monty Says:

    SmokyMtnMan: I hope you are right. But as you probably know one definity of insanity: “is to keep doing the same things over & over again & expecting different results”. The democratics can still lose the next election because of the ‘Obama/Hillary thing’. And the middleclass keeps voting republican while descending into the working poor.

  3. SmokyMtMan Says:

    I expect that McCain will win the Presidency, because as you say the ‘Obama/Hillary thing’ has become very negative for both of the Democratic candidates. McCain has great pull with independents, and he is currently getting a long, free ride.

    I also expect the Democrats to increase their majorities in the senate and the House.

    The way the election process is progressing for Obama/Hillary, it makes me think of the old saying that “Democrats never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

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