Cambridge Wolf Kill

From what I understand, agencies discourage the photography of permitted ‘control’ actions – especially among private individuals permitted to kill the predators. As we see here and from what we have seen in the past, it appears that sometimes folk just can’t help themselves.

WWPblog has posted these photos of a wolf apparently legally killed near Cambridge Idaho.

IDFG to hold public meeting on wolf hunt in Boise

After initially denying Boise a public meeting, instead opting for a meeting in Nampa, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has had a change of heart and will be soliciting public input in Boise.

No word as to whether a meeting will be held in Blaine County.

This has been enough of a problem to mention about the Department. Initial notice of public opportunity for input reserving locations to areas of the state hostile to wolves while avoiding communities concerned about the direction of state management. The change of heart follows wolf advocates’ formal complaint.

News Release Following:

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