Reminder : IDFG gathering comments on wolf hunt

Idaho Department of Fish and Game is currently gathering comments concerning its proposed hunting season for wolves in the state – the deadline for submission is Friday. Lynne Stone, Director of the Boulder-White Clouds Council, a conservation group based in Ketchum and Stanley, Idaho has put together some ideas for commenting on the plan :

April 2008 - Beautiful wolf living the good life - at least for nowREMINDER! Please take a few minutes and comment on the preposterous Idaho hunting plan. Comments are due by Friday May 16 and must be done on the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game website:

IDFG has added a last minute “open house” in Boise on the hunting plan. The meeting will be Monday, May 19, 4-8 p.m. in the Trophy Room at Fish and Game headquarters, 600 South Walnut. (Since IDFG is still taking comments Monday night, last minute e-mails could be sent Monday as well.)

All photographs are copyright Lynne Stone and may not be used or reproduced without permission.

Here are some points to include in your comments:

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Horses abandoned in West as feed prices rise

Here’s an original story about another change in the west brought about by rising feed prices :

Horses abandoned in West as feed prices rise – Laura Zuckerman – Reuters

West Yellowstone Bison Haze Beginning Today

After one of the most devastating winters for Yellowstone bison to-date, the five agencies of the Interagency Bison Management Plan are announcing the implementation of a haze today that, among other things, will expect remaining buffalo calves to march 20 + miles back into the park.

Buffalo Field Campaign Blog has some comments, and the press release, issued yesterday is below.

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Blaine county committs to non-lethal predator management projects

Good News ! With the rest of the state of Idaho focused primarily on lethal measures of ‘control’ for wolves, Blaine County has decided to take initiative and work with federal managers who have proposed to study the success of non-lethal methods of reducing conflict between wolves and livestock – the county is going so far as to contribute local dollars to the projects !

Could Wolf Management Plan Become a Model ? Idaho Mountain Express

As engaged as the Blaine County community has been with wolves, especially with as many wolves in the area, it remains a shame that the IDFG has chosen not to scheduled a public forum with which to gather face to face input on the impending wolf hunt rules.

Lead bullets taint game meat

Lead is toxic everywhere else, why would it be any different in bullets ? That’s not enough to keep some from being skeptical about the anti-lead people’s agenda :

Study: Lead bullets taint game meat – Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman

The side-bar has interesting information on lead spreading in deer

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