Proposed reform to Endangered Species Act gets cool response

Kempthorne’s ridiculous ESA reform proposal is uniformly disdained by environmentalists.  He claims it’ll help “streamline” the process.  Sorta like “streamlining” the dodo.

Proposed reform to Endangered Species Act gets cool response Rocky Barker – Idaho Statesman

I’ll bet that process would be a whole lot more efficient if these political appointees spent half the time on enforcement as they do figuring out ways to avoid it.

4 Responses to “Proposed reform to Endangered Species Act gets cool response”

  1. sal Says:

    It seems that since the Bu$hCo took over, one of their main objectives has been to eliminate the ESA. This is their last-ditch attempt to appease their extractive industry buddies by trying to kill the ESA before they get the royal boot…

  2. JB Says:

    You have to give Bush credit: most Presidents would see laws they didn’t like and try to get Congress to amend them, Bush sees a law he doesn’t like and he simply “reinterprets” relevant language so that the law is more to his liking. So much for the balance of governmental power.

  3. john weis Says:

    No wonder those guys at Interior have their heads up their nether regions so much:

  4. Ralph Maughan Says:


    Thank you. I put it up as a post.

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