Time, Finally, for Real Fuel Economy

This editorial is in today’s New York Times. Time, Finally, for Real Fuel Economy.

The truck I use the most gets 25 mpg, pretty good, but it replaced one that got 30 mpg (I rolled that one). When I looked for a new truck, a 30 mpg was no longer made.

Good news: Maybe a fine sockeye salmon year for Idaho

A record summer for returning sockeye. By Scott Learn. Newhouse News Service

“Sockeye salmon, an oceangoing species that starts and ends its life hundreds of river miles inland, are swimming up the Columbia River this summer in numbers unseen in five decades.”

First sockeye comes home to Idaho. By Rocky Barker – Idaho Statesman

Web Tools for Forest Fires

There are a number of web sites that help people heading for the outdoors.

The one I use the most it the smoke plume web site (yes, it’s getting pretty bad). SSD Fire Detection Program.


National Fire News.

Yellowstone Park Wildland Fires

U.S. air quality (suggestion by Mike Post)

GeoMAC Wildfire Information (suggestion by Buffaloed)