Rocky Barker: White says climate change worse on range than ranching

Rocky Barker: White says climate change worse on range than ranching. Idaho Statesman.

I thought this might be joke. RM

Certainly a lesson in bad logic. Of course, a nearby supernova would be worse than climate change; duh.

White, of course, is trying to argue that conservationists should spend more time working on climate change and less on bad grazing practices. Unfortunately for White, grazing lands not suitable for grazing or overgrazing makes the effect of climate change yet more severe. Removing livestock, especially cattle, makes the rangelands more resistant to climate change.

Recent studies (cited on this blog by Brian Ertz), also indicate that the practice of grazing marginal and submarginal lands changes them from carbon sinks (meaning they take up a net amount of carbon from the atmosphere) into carbon sources (release a net amount of carbon and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere).

Therefore, fighting to reduce grazing is an excellent way to retard climate change. So please volunteer to help.