A tale of two fires: Was Ketchum treated better?

This is from the Magic Valley Times-News. A tale of two fires: was Ketchum treated better?

Both fires had huge amount of resources poured on them, so I think this story sets up a false comparison. On one hand in the Murphy range fire, you had powerful ranchers to whom politicians bow and scrape. On the other hand with Castle Rock Fire, you had a community with some of the richest and best known people in the country.

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Female grizzly killed in fight with another bear in the Lamar Valley

Usually the news is another bear killed in conflict with people, but today news of a bear/bear conflict mortality . . . Grizzly killed in bear fight. By Gazette News Services

Rocky Mountains’ natural amenities more important to regional economy than the booming oil and gas industry

This is a very important report because it shows that the Interior West is being treated like a colony, a place where a dominant external political power stifles more lasting economic well being of the native population in favor of their interests. And like the colonies of old, there are plenty of local collaborators here in the West with the colonial power.

Report touts nature over energy. By Judith Kohler. Associated Press.

“Antelope, deer decimating Wyoming’s ‘sagebrush sea'”

As folks know, including the government of Wyoming, which fears a sage grouse listing under the ESA, large continuous areas of sagebrush steppe are in big trouble.

It is fascinating how they blame wolves wolves for too few elk and then say there are too many antelope and deer and they need to have a big hunt to decrease their numbers.

Aren’t these overgrazed sagebrush lands described in the article grazed by cattle and/or sheep as well as deer and antelope?

The one constant in Wyoming politics is ranching and minerals come first, and wildlife gets what’s left except it always gets the blame.

Story “Antelope, deer decimating Wyoming’s ‘sagebrush sea‘” By Jennifer Frazer. Rocky Mountain News.

Note I borrowed the headline from “Headwaters News.’