Craig, “ecoterrorists”, hidden riders, and industrial legacy

There is no doubt, the hoopla surrounding ID Senator Larry Craig is a well deserved condemnation of hypocrisy that’s been years in the coming and nobody is celebrating his descent more than progressives throughout the Northwest. Now, he has resigned effective September 30.

But the shamefull manner in which a powerful Republican Senator squandered his standing is thankfully failing to completely overshadow just what it is many in Idaho and throughout the West are celebrating:

In the meantime, his actions in backrooms of the nation’s capital deserve attention. Call it a Craig’s List of how to block good deeds, or at least see that they don’t go unpunished.

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Craig resigns! A great day!

As a friend wrote to me, “Wilderness, wolves and salmon lost a big powerful enemy when Larry Craig resigned today.”

Story in the New York Times. Craig Announces Resignation. By Kate Phillips.

He has resigned, but he will linger in the Senate until the end of September, and folks need to be on guard for midnight riders to legislation designed to be a last minute attack on wildlife, public lands, pollution control, etc.