Jaguars walled out of US

Demarcated Landscapes mourns another biological opinion issued by the US Fish & Wildlife Service late last week disregarding the effects of the US-Mexican border wall on jaguar migration. It has been hoped that a population may cross. The wall effectively cuts off two known corridors for jaguar migration along the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge and the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area.

Check out Brady McCombs piece in the Arizona Dialy star ~ New border fence (sic) rising

For some good photos of the jaguar sighted in Southern Arizona check out the Arizona Game & Fish page here.

I lived in Bisbee for awhile and own a plot on the southern-most tip of the Chiricauhua Mountains. I’ve been looking forward to taking my sons to explore among the elusive jaguars and the sunsets ~ another piece of the natural world dashed by political expediency and an egregious disregard for a scientifically informed process.

Thanks for your leadership Dirk.

Yellowstone safety manager mauled by bear

Another bit of bad news regarding bear. Yellowstone National Park safety manager, Ken Meyer, was injured by what is believed to be a grizzly bear along Little Trail Creek. He was hunting for black bear.

Grizzly suspected in attack on park safety manager
Mike Stark
Billings Gazette