Instead of slowing down, CO2 is increasing at an increasing rate.

I guess it’s redundant to say this, but this very bad news. The headline is misleading because it’s not just a rise, but steepening rise.

Scientists report rise in levels of carbon dioxide. By Robert S. Boyd. McClatchy Newspapers

If we are lucky the rising rate is due to increased human use of fossil fuels, and/or increased deforestation in the topics. If we an unlikely, the change is the result of positive feedback mechanisms kicking in — natural mechanisms are spiraling out of control.

Update. More on this. Alarming Acceleration In Carbon Dioxide Emissions Worldwide. Science Daily.

Addition for skeptical Monte and those of similar views, read this from the Real Climate Blog, and here is a very good FAQ.

Montana preps for wolf hunting

Montana and Idaho, both with federally approved wolf plans, are now gearing up for hunting wolves. Most expect Montana wolf hunt is more likely to be an real hunt rather than a hunt serving mostly as a dramatic reduction in the wolf population. However, this is not assured.

Montana has about half as many wolves as Idaho at the present, mostly because Idaho has better wolf habitat in terms of wolf security (the mountains ranges are less developed and the backcountry that is good wolf habitat is deeper).

Story by Susan Gallagher. Associated Press.

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