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Here is the latest update from the Buffalo Field Campaign. Below I have posted my condensed version of their email alert.
I do disagree with BFC that the solution to the bison imprisonment inside Yellowstone can be solved by boycotting beef. I have come to believe the actions of the Montana Department of Livestock have nothing to do with brucellosis and little to do with beef because there are so few cattle in the area. The forage is just waiting for bison to eat — there is no forage competition with cattle.

Perhaps it’s my career as a political scientist, but I see the whole matter as an attempt to maintain a political and cultural hegemony by the livestock industry over the area. It isn’t a matter of dollars. To use common terms, this fight isn’t over grass, or money. It’s over a grudge against newcomers and change held by politically influential parts of the Montana livestock industry.

For example, they haze the bison through the neighborhoods not because they have to or because they are unconcerned with safety. Montana DOL hazes them through the neighborhoods to show that they can. They are the boss, and the residents are at best second class citizens.

Ralph Maughan


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Update from the Field

May 17, 2007


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* Update from the Field

Dear Buffalo Friends,
Thank you all so much for your letters and phone calls of encouragement
and solidarity after hearing about the unjust arrests of two BFC family
members. We are exploring every option and are feeling positive and
strong given the wealth of information we have received regarding these
unwarranted arrests and the unsolicited police brutality.

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Some great photos of the Hayden Pack wolves.

These are from the web page of Walking Shadow Ecology.

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Montana Department of Livestock fills executive post

The Board of Livestock hired Christian Mackay, a real estate agent and feed salesman whose background includes work in the beef industry and the labor movement, to succeed Marc Bridges. Bridges retired at the end of 2006.

Read the rest in an AP story in the Billings Gazette. These little reported things can be critical. Does anyone know about this Christian Mackay?

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