“Wolf watching areas” in Idaho wolf plan are meaningless tokens

Those who are promoting Idaho’s wolf population management plan as some kind of compromise like to point to its provision for “wolf watching areas” as proof that it is a true compromise and a balanced plan.

The reality is these areas are what students of politics term “symbolic rewards,” more commonly called “tokens” or even “chump change.”

The plan really does provide for wolf watching areas. However, none are designated by the plan, and no permanent wolf watch areas will be. Here are the actual criteria for the watching areas (direct quote from the draft plan) : Read the rest of this entry »

Arrest made in blatant antelope killing

Arrest made in blatant antelope killing. By The Associated Press. Billings Gazette.

Gruesome work keeps Montana FWP on top of wildlife disease

Gruesome work keeps FWP on top of wildlife disease. Technicians testing deer to see if chronic wasting disease is present in state.  By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette Staff.

So far no CWD in Montana, probably a tribute to the  insistence by Montana FWP that wintering wildlife in the state  not be fed and the tough stance Montana voters took on “game farms,” and, as someone commented below because Wyoming wolves have been killing CWD-infected deer and elk before the reach in Montana border. Of course the wolves will be gone if Wyoming’s wolf plan, now just approved, is actually implemented.

Rocky Barker: More laughter than anger at Fish and Game wolf meeting [in Boise]

I didn’t write a report on all of the wolf population management plan meetings. I didn’t get news about some of them.

These are Idaho Statesman reporter Rocky Barker’s impressions on the Boise meeting where wolf supporters predominated.

More laughter than anger at Fish and Game wolf meeting.

It is absolutely true that the wolf issue is as the meeting moderator said,  “social,” that is,  in my view a culture clash, having little to do with wolves, which are but a symbol for reaction to change in the West.

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