Local residents strongly oppose new transmission line proposed just north of Craters of the Moon National Monument.

Talk about a visual imposition as well as spread of weeds and off-road vehicle tracks! This powerline would destroy the view of the Beaverhead, Lemhi, Lost River, and Pioneer Mountain ranges — hundreds of miles. It’s not just the national monument.

Carey residents: ‘No!’ to power line. Hostile crowd raps plan put forth by South Dakota energy giant. By Jason Kauffman. Idaho Mountain Express Staff Writer

Freudenthal gets more time on Idaho phosphate pit mine review

The JR Simplot Company wants a 1300 acre (2 square mile) expansion of its huge phosphate pit mine in Idaho on the Wyoming border. The federal government BLM just put out a fat environmental impact statement on the Smoky Canyon Mine enlargement, which they seem ready to approve. There are many other phosphate pits in SE Idaho.

The impacts of these phosphate mines extend far beyond the pits because rainwater seeping through the spoils picks up huge levels of toxic selenium which runs into the springs, creek and rivers in Wyoming (and eventually in the Snake River in Idaho). More sheep have died of poisoning while grazing on the “rehabilitated” mine spoils than have been killed by wolves in eastern Idaho.

There is a website that is trying to alert the public to the problem. . . . Caribou Cleanwater Partnership.

Story in the Casper Star Tribune. Gov. Freudenthal wants more time on phosphate mine review.

The selenium also concentrates in some native plants such as gumweed.

The phosphate rock ore is processed in Pocatello, ID into phosphate for fertilizer. Another large phosphate plant is in Soda Springs, Idaho. This mine is to feed the Pocatello plant.

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