Wyoming Legislature opts against new wolf rules

Can Delisting Occur Without Wyoming?

Legislature opts against new wolf rules.Casper Star-Tribune Online – Wyoming

The Wyoming legislature has decided not to change its wolf management plan which has not been accepted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. For delisting to occur, among other things, Wyoming must submit an acceptable plan to the USFWS.

One other requirement is that wolves be able to exchange genes between metapopulations and no wolves from outside the Greater Yellowstone population have contributed to the GYE. Currently Idaho wolf B271 resides to the east of Yellowstone Park. Another wolf residing in SE Idaho (part of the GYE), incorrectly reported to be from NW Montana, actually came from the Paradise Valley which is part of the GYE.

With Idaho’s plans to kill 26 “chronic” wolf packs and its “Lolo Plan” to kill wolves in a futile effort to help elk there combined with Wyoming maintaining its stance on dual status it appears that delisting is a long way off.

Good letter in Casper Star Tribune on Wyoming wolf plan

CST had opined that because in the public comments, opposition to the Wyoming wolf plan was general, this showed that because no one was pleased compromised had been struck.

This letter disagrees. Avoided decisions bite back.

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Wyoming’s wolf plan draws negative comments

Those who commented on Wyoming’s wolf plan didn’t like it.

The analysis of the comments has been released. Whether they lived in Wyoming or elsewhere, a majority was against it. Inside Wyoming, those inside and outside Teton County (Jackson) opposed it.

Opposition was greater from those who did not live in Wyoming. Inside Wyoming, opposition was the greatest from Teton County; but even those in Fremont, Hot Springs, Lincoln, Park and Sublette counties expressed majority opposition.

Here is the story. Wyoming’s wolf plan draws negative comments. Associated Press in the Billings Gazette.

Here is the link to Wyoming Game and Fish’s page on the matter. It is a detailed analysis. You can read the individual comments, and I found doing so was quite informative.