Buy a Coke, save a park? It could happen in Idaho

This is an editorial in the Magic Valley Times-news. Corporate sponsorship of state parks?

“There may come a time — and it may come sooner rather than later — when a corporate logo on a front gate of a public park in Idaho doesn’t look so bad.
In any case, let’s keep our minds open.” Times-News

Buy a Coke, save a park? It could happen in Idaho

This recession is being used not to test out money-saving ideas, but to steal things and get things done that would never have a chance. I’d say there are plenty politicians and groups that are OK with our misery. It’s not just that we have lemons and they want to make lemonade.

A nearly complete reversal on idea to close Idaho State Parks System

There was almost no political support for the governor’s original plan-

Idaho Parks and Recreation Board reverses park closures. Shuttering parks ‘is not the direction the state should be headed,’ says Sen. Joe Stegner, R-Lewiston. ‘Not now. Not ever.’ By Cynthia Sewell. Idaho Statesman. “We had a paradigm shift,” said board Chairman Steve Klatt of Sagle.

Of course, they will have to try to fund a larger portion not using appropriated state money.

Idaho Statesman editorial: [State] Parks get a reprieve, at a cost

State Parks Dept. to stay. No parks will close. They will cost more-

Otter suffered a big defeat on his plan to hand the parks over to the State Lands Department. Nevertheless, things won’t be the same in the Idaho Parks Dept. or inside the Parks.

Thunderstorm over Harriman State Park. Photo copyright Ralph Maughan

Here is the editorial view of the Idaho Statesman and some details. Our View: Parks get a reprieve, at a cost Idaho Statesman

Large state park protecting wildife corridor might be created in western Montana

Heavily logged area could heal to be become economically and ecological important-

$14M, 41,000-acre land deal could create second-largest Montana state park. ByRob Chaney. Missoulian |

Federal officials vow to seize California state parks if they are closed by state

Broke California’s governor wants to close the state’s parks. Feds say this breaks the rules for six of them-

6 California parks could revert to federal control. LA Times. By Julie Cart.

Closing the State Parks will probably do more economic damage than the management money saved, but then nothing about California’s self-made budget crisis is rational. The federal government will step in and take over 6 or so of the several hundred parks.