The snowmobile issue in Yellowstone Park has died down

It’s still there, but rules have changed, use patterns changed and the economy too-

In a feature article in New West, journalist Brodie Farquhar looks at the changes over times. Snowmobiling in Yellowstone: Past and Present

Sylvan Pass opens for winter travel

It’s still open!!

I thought this money-wasting imaginary benefit to a few Cody businesses died when Dick Cheney went away.

Sylvan Pass opens for winter travel. Billings Gazette.

Yellowstone plan sharply curtails snowmobiles

Up to 318 snowmobiles and 78 snow coaches allowed into the Park each day

Yellowstone plan sharply curtails snowmobiles
Associated Press

Snowmobile groups sue over enlarged designation of lynx habitat

Snowmobile tracks aid the survival of predatory competitors of lynx in deep snow-

Snowmobile groups sue to set aside the improved designation of lynx habitat. By Ben Neary. Seattle Post-Intelligencer. AP

They are saying that more environmental analysis is needed. Some conservation groups are suing too, saying not enough habitat was set aside.

It is nearly a foregone conclusion that Federal Judge Clarence Brimmer of Wyoming will rule in favor of the snowmobilers.

With new court ruling, YNP snowmobile season is ??

Where do we go from here (on YNP snowmobiles)?

About 2 weeks ago, we reported that a federal judge had voided YNP’s winter use plan, bringing yet another change, and a big one, in this 7-year old studying, planning, commenting, and legal battle over the use and number, if any, of snowmobiles allowed inside Yellowstone Park.

Now plan’s are being made for the winter season, but the Park and the area businesses are not sure what will be legal.

Story: Where do we go from here? By Daniel Person. Bozeman Chronicle.

Judge throws out Yellowstone snowmobile plan

Judge throws out Yellowstone snowmobile plan. AP

Another round in the never-ending controversy!

This link was suggested by a recent post to the wrong thread.

Here, finally are a few details. Judge Discards Yellowstone National Park Plan for Snowmobile Use. By Lucia Stewart. New West.

Snowmobile Use in Yellowstone Dips Slightly, Snowcoach Use Up. East Entrance remains disused.

Winter ’07-08 Snowmobile Use in Yellowstone National Park Dips Slightly, Snowcoach Use Up. National Parks Traveller.

One of the most interesting parts of this story is the snowmobile use of the East Entrance, bitterly kept open by political agitation from Cody business interests who say it is vital. Keeping the entrance open is a big diversion of Yellowstone Park financial resources.

Only 1.3 snowmobiles used the East Entrance per day.

A similar thing happened 20 years ago when they (Cody business politicians) agitated to keep the Fishing Bridge RV campground open even as other Fishing Bridge facilities were being closed due to severe conflicts with grizzly bears. They claimed hardly anyone would use the East Entrance if people couldn’t use this wonderful RV campground. At the time, I never had visited it. When I did I found an parking lot completely surrounded by small lodgepole pine.. No view at all — completely unattractive.

Wyoming senators intervened and kept the RV campground open.