Endangered-species lists may be broadened

State, feds take a fresh look at once-rejected protections-

Endangered-species lists may be broadened. State, feds take a fresh look at once-rejected protections. By Bruce Finley. The Denver Post

Recent stories on the blog have indicated this is happening. This article puts it all together. Many of these are continuing “gifts” from disgraced Bush deputy secretary of Interior, Julie MacDonald who couldn’t keep her industrial hands off of the work of agency scientists.

Not all, however.

I have always liked Colorado’s own preemptive effort to restore the lynx on its own, even though some conservation groups objected.

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Update. Related story.

Alaska sea otters get a lot of help from Administration. Critical habitat designated for them.  By Mary Pemberton. Associated Press Writer. Fact sheet on this from US Fish and Wildlife Service. PDF file.  This file is a vast amout of information. The news story by the AP above is brief.