Eleven groups fight wolf delisting

Eleven conservation groups have notified the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service they will be sued for issuing their rule delisting the wolf in the Northern Rockies. Story (one of many similar).

This, of course, has been expected for a long time. So to try to shore up what might be a losing action on their, the federal agency earlier issued a new “10j rule.” This is the critical list of regulations as to how the federal government will manage the wolf if they lose on delisting. Their latest 10j rule is essentially the same as delisting. So the conservation groups have sued over it too.

To win, the conservation groups need to prevail on both the 10j and the delisting suits, and they also need to get the judge to issue an injunction preventing these two rules from going into effect while the litigation goes on. In order words, a number of legal victories must be won to protect the wolf from what they say will be lethal state management.

The wolf is not delisted yet. Unless the courts rule against the USFWS, it will be delisted March 28, 2008.

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Here is the news release issued by the litigating groups, although with supporting materials.


The 60-day notice.pdf